Welcome to the Michigan District Judges Association (commonly referred to as the MDJA) web page.  Our organization has as it’s members the following judges:
  • District Court Judges of Michigan Courts
  • Municipal Judges in the State of Michigan
  • Probate Judges of Michigan Courts that are permanently cross assigned.

The object and purposes of this Association are:
  1. To further understanding and cooperation among members of the judiciary of the State of Michigan and members of the legislative and executive branches of state, county, and local governments.
  2. To actively promote a public awareness of the functions, responsibilities and activities of the District Court in the State of Michigan.
  3. To actively promote and support activities designed to improve and maintain a sound and efficient administration of justice in the District Court.
  4. To encourage among members of the Association and the practicing bar, the highest level of judicial and legal competence.

In addition to our association you will find the following judicial associations in Michigan:
  • The Michigan Judicial Conference – sponsored by the State Bar of Michigan with all State Court of Appeals, Circuit, Probate, District and Municipal judges as members
  • The Michigan Judges Association – Michigan State Circuit Court Judges
  • The Michigan Probate Judges Association – Michigan State Probate Judges